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Who we Are

Greetings I’m Christine Otten, founder of 181 Creative Agency, Inc. I am a full-service digital marketing strategist. I help Doctor's get more patients and gain credibility by developing individualized proven marketing strategies that get results! We help you stay on track and reach goals using proven methods with quantifiable results. We have been getting results for our clients since we started over 10+ years ago.

Success in your practice doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s imperative to set out with a complete marketing and business plan (Blueprint) that shows where you are, where you want to go and how you plan to get there. 

181 Creative Agency wants to know where your business has been, where it is today and your goals for your business in the future. We analyze your web presence, market share, listing directories and other information that provide a complete view of your business to devise a full-service plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Grow Practice Awareness

With more than 77 percent of people annually searching online for health-related topics, it is crucial to your practice’s success to ensure your return in relevant local searches for physicians and applicable specialties. Additionally, 181 Creative will work with you to ensure you and your practice are accurately listed in the variety of healthcare directories, further helping to extend your practice’s reach and create your brand awareness.

Social Media – Expand Presence and Reach

Patients expect their doctor’s office to have an interactive presence on Social Media. The team at 181 Creative Agency will analyze your current Social Media accounts and create a personalized plan to maximize this most cost-effective of marketing techniques. We will use advanced features to make your profiles stand out from your competitors. Our content writer will create custom content that is posted on a pre-determined schedule that makes the most of every online word about your practice. We also provide monthly reports for the quantifiable tracking of how your digital campaign is engaging patients and growing relationships.

Streamline Patient Communication

181 Creative Agency realizes the importance of communication. Patients want multiple channels through which to communicate with their healthcare providers. The 181 Creative team will curate original content for blogs, respond promptly to social media comments and queries, develop new and efficient web forms that are easy for patients to complete, streamline email campaigns to gain and nurture new patient leads, and use technology to manage patient relationships.

Increase Patient Engagement

Reputation management is inarguably the most important aspect of building your online presence. Allow the team at 181 Creative Agency to aid you in organically growing your practice by engaging prospective customers, urging current patients to share their positive experiences with your practice on social media sites, remind them to write favorable reviews after appointments, and facilitate the referral of family and friends. Let our creative team show you how to set your practice apart from the pack and make it work for you.

Increase Patient Acquisition & Retention

Your website is your practice’s biggest marketing tool and new patient recruiter. Use blogs, social media, unique content, surveys, email newsletter campaigns and automated messaging to grow and maintain your relationships with present and future patients. Search engines use all these elements to funnel traffic to your website.

Increase Patient Trust

Outdated information and a lack of opportunities for patient interaction on your website and social media make your entire online presence feel outdated and ineffectual. Our agency has an in-house copywriter who specialize in curating up-to date information and stories to link to your site. We also create press releases, original blog posts and TED talk outlines to help you stay relevant to your target market. You want your patients coming back to your site as their “go-to” source for medical information and services, and we at 181 Creative Agency can make that happen.

Improve Patient Experience

If current or prospective patients have to search your website for information or wait for images to load, chances they won’t. They’ll find another physician’s website that’s faster, easier to navigate and has everything they need, readily accessible on any size and type of device. The team at 181 Creative Agency ensures your content is fresh, informative accurate and user-friendly. We streamline your visitors’ navigation experiences for easy-to-find high-value content All our sites also include calls-to-action – easy opportunities for your past, present and future patients to engage with your website. CATs are essential elements of websites that consistently get top returns in local search engine results.

Why We Stand Out



Niche creative agencies – like 181 Creative Agency – are those that have taken the services they offer and tailored them to meet the needs of a segment of consumers. Through targeted staffing, training and enrichment, a niche agency has taken the steps to provide expert service in one particular area of its industry. For 181 Creative Agency, it's digital strategies, marketing strategies, reputation management for Physician's and healthcare providers.


Just as patients have the ability to see specialists, shouldn’t physicians, medical groups, biomedical companies and hospitals also be able to turn to providers who can meet their needs with knowledge of the demands, wants and issues specific to them? 181 Creative Agency can offer your practice a range of services including digital strategies, reputation management, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, Web Design, and social media management. Being a niche agency specializing in the healthcare industry, 181 Creative Agency, Inc can offer these services within the framework of proven strategies that make the most of your practice’s marketing budget.


Specialization and exclusivity have their perks! Because we only work with clients like you, we know the issues your practice faces and how we can best use our knowledge and skills to help mitigate them. We stay current on trends in the healthcare community and know how best to apply them to your specific digital needs. We know what works and what doesn’t. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time.

What our clients say about us

Mike Jones | Mod Miami

As someone with decades of experience in the customer service/hospitality industry, selection of service providers is often a daunting task. When it came to the design and execution of a website for my business endeavor, the choices and options seemed overwhelming. My decision to select and work with Christine Otten proved To be one of - if not THE - best decision I made.

With 'quality service' defined as consistently attending to details and exceeding the expectations of customers, Ms. Otten has unquestionably delivered on both counts.

Mike Jones

Tiffany brandenburg

In short, Christine is amazing. Her designs are cutting edge, professional, and client specific. Christine designed my first website in 2009. And through the years, she has let me know when a design update was needed to keep up with the times. My website never has that dated feel. It always looks new and fresh.


Her assistance with SEOs has grown our client base from the USA to include the entire world. Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the accolades that I would like to list for Christine. There isn't any other person I trust more to help me maintain the gateway of my livelihood. Thank-you Christine for all you do.

Tiffany Brandenburg


If you engage Christine Otten as your Strategist, you get a complete service from ingratiating introduction to a thoughtful presentation with wit, innovation and eye appeal. How refreshing it is to deal with competency!

Cynthia A. Miller


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